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The Premier A/V Design and Integration Firm of Denver, CO

The place where innovative technology meets creative design. We bring the future of technology to your fingertips, with intelligently designed control system custom created for your home or business. From new builds, to small system upgrades and everything in between. Precision Media is your partner in smarter living and working environments.

Setting the Standard for Innovation and Service

Precision Media is not your ordinary AV Company.  We take AV technology to the next level and continue to set the standard for innovation. We are passionate about what we do and that passion shows in every single detail of every job. Our custom electronics systems can add a touch of class to your surroundings while providing you with the modern day conveniences of advanced technology.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a safer, more convenient, more comfortable, and more entertaining environment for your home or business.  Whether you are building a new home, adding a media room, or upgrading your existing electronics system, we can help.





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We are so much more than "Just Audio & Video"

Modern luxury homes are so much more than TVs and Speakers.  In today's technological world your home will not only consist of Luxury Sound and High End TVs, but it will include Luxury Shades, Lighting Controls, RGB and .1% Dimming Fixtures, Theaters, Security Systems, AI Camera Surveillance, Enterprise Networking, Energy Management, and so much more.

In order to convey what we do to the world, the Guild Alliance and our partners Sonance, Sony, Savant and Lutron have helped create a short film to explain and show how details matter and what we do is not just installing simple products but adapting to your lifestyle needs with luxury and quality products all while maintaining the same passion and care as you would when building your luxury home



We have a wide variety of services and brands that we can offer

Whether you need some help with outdoor speakers or an entire home, we have options for you

Audio/Video  |  Theaters  |  Outdoor TVs

Hi-Fi Audio  |  Entertainment Spaces  |  Control Systems

Prewire  |  Speakers  |  Surveillance  |  Networking

Lighting Control  |  Lighting Fixtures  |  Motorized Shades

Security Systems  |  Energy Management  |  Thermostats






Home Technology Association (HTA) Estate-Level Certified

HTA certification is like a GIA rating for a diamond.  You can trust it's been tested to a very rigorous standard.  Our Estate level classification is so rarely achieved in our industry, it's like a flawless diamond.  Out of 20,000 integrators nationwide, only 93 are Estate-Tier certified.  That's less than 2 per state.  That's how hard Estate-Level is to achieve.  You should make sure that any company that bids on your project has an HTA certification that matches well with your project size.  Just because someone says they are good, doesn't mean they are, or that they have the service to back up their install in the long run.



Choose the category you are interested in


We offer customized high end audio/video solutions, high tech control systems, enterprise networking, reliable and high end lighting and shades solutions, and so much more for your existing or new construction home


We have offerings to help with Video Systems, Audio System, Enterprise networking, full system control and integration technology for all types of commercial business', franchises, restaurants/bars and retail spaces


We have offerings to help with Video Systems, Audio System, Enterprise networking, full system control and integration technology for state, city or county municipalities and federal government facilities

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At Precision Media, our objective is to serve you – the customer. We recognize that an essential part of any business is not only the ability to sell high-quality products and services (which we do), but to be there for you when you have questions about those products and services that you purchased from us.

That’s why we don’t hide behind support-ticket systems, answering services, or email addresses (like some of our competitors do).

Feel free to pick up the phone and call us anytime you have a problem – even if it is after-hours (in emergency situations).

If it’s important to YOU…it’s important to US!

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