Shade Partners




Lutron is the leading edge of lighting controls systems for residential and commercial. Lutron can provide simplistic control for anyone's needs at the touch of your fingertip. Whether you want a keypad on the wall or to use a phone/tablet, Lutron can make controlling your lights easy. They have system designs for everyone's budget. Lighting control has is now more accessible than ever.

With Shading Systems from Legrand, shading is no longer an afterthought. A blend of innovative technology and exquisite aesthetic, our shading solutions offer design flexibility, certified sustainability and a wide array of fabric choices for both residential and commercial applications.

Crestrons motorized shade and drapery systems know their place — bringing finely crafted, convenient comfort to yours. With world-class technology accented by stunning designer fabrics and elegant hardware, there are distinctive solutions for every room.

Home lighting has always been evolving. But something was missing —a singular vision for what lighting can be, and how it can be integrated into our lives in the most satisfactory way.