Lighting Partners


Lutron is the leading edge of lighting controls systems for residential and commercial. Lutron can provide simplistic control for anyone's needs at the touch of your fingertip. Whether you want a keypad on the wall or to use a phone/tablet, Lutron can make controlling your lights easy. They have system designs for everyone's budget. Lighting control has is now more accessible than ever.

Vantage Controls is a top brand in the lighting control world. When it comes to automated lighting and architectural dimming, Vantage has over 30 years of experience. You can start with a single room lighting system or go big with an entire home system. Whatever your needs are, Vantage can make your life easier.


With Horizon, you’re getting a lot more than a keypad; you’re getting seamless access to the powerful Crestron Home® platform and the entire Crestron product line. Network audio and video. Audiophile-quality speakers and amplifiers. Lighting and climate control. Silent motorized shades. Health & wellness solutions. And more.

Home lighting has always been evolving. But something was missing —a singular vision for what lighting can be, and how it can be integrated into our lives in the most satisfactory way.