Precision Media's Dealer Partners


Savant is a recognized leader in the field of home control and automation. As the first home automation company to embrace mobile technology, Savant understood early that the customer experience could extend beyond the home and open up new possibilities for control. Over the years, Savant technology has evolved and our company has grown, but their goals remains the same. Savant has become the home automation brand of choice for the world's most luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts.




Lutron is the leading edge of lighting controls systems for residential and commercial. Lutron can provide simplistic control for anyone's needs at the touch of your fingertip. Whether you want a keypad on the wall or to use a phone/tablet, Lutron can make controlling your lights easy. They have system designs for everyone's budget. Lighting control has is now more accessible than ever.

Vantage Controls is a top brand in the lighting control world. When it comes to automated lighting and architectural dimming, Vantage has over 30 years of experience. You can start with a single room lighting system or go big with an entire home system. Whatever your needs are, Vantage can make your life easier.

Crestron provides automation and control solutions for buildings and homes let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience, and security. All of their products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling you to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform.

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems. The company’s wide array of award-winning handheld and in-wall universal controllers, central processors, audio distribution systems, and accessories are marketed exclusively through a worldwide network of professional integrators

Sony is always on the leading edge of new technology and is bringing the best on the market to the user. You have never seen the best 4K HDR until you have watched it on a Sony Television or projector. Packaged with a Sony 4K HDR receiver you will get the best sound out of your speakers for every movie or TV experience.

Sonance provides high quality audio products whether you want a home theater, relaxing media room, backyard landscape system or even a simple stereo pair.  They provide many options to fit all budgets without sacrificing quality and keeping clarity. Over the last 30 years Sonance has continued to invent, lead, and reinvent with a range of state-of-the-art products that deliver the perfect balance of performance and design.

Klipsch speakers technology has established industry standards for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, smooth frequency response and powerful bass. Klipsch uses horn loading technology and will always be the driving force behind the Klipsch brand’s highly efficient, stunningly precise sound.

JBL is the leader in professional sound reinforcement for theaters and live performance venues and is one of the oldest loudspeakers brands in existence. Drawing upon that heritage, JBL Synthesis systems combine the most advanced signal processors, equalizers,amplifiers and loudspeakers to create the most realistic listening experience possible in rooms of any size.

Networking is the most important part of your smart home. We have partnered up with Araknis networks to provide the most reliable, fastest and customizable networks on the market. Araknis also provides us with easy troubleshooting tools to make your life simpler and easier if a problem does arise. We can tackle it fast to be provide the best service possible.

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